Social Media Marketing For Spanish Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents

Over the past decade, social media has developed unimaginably, with new trends, platforms and ways to engage your audience, social media has now become an almost unavoidable part of modern life. With 33% of buyers finding their dream property through social media, Estate Agents are now understanding the importance of social media and the opportunities and success it can bring. Now more than ever it is essential that your business has an established online presence.


47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources. If you are not effectively running social media campaigns, or you are not running any at all, you are missing out on valuable leads and opportunities for your business.

We work with and generate leads for clients all around the world, as a result of this we have created a large portfolio of experience in Estate Agent Social Media Marketing, from managing accounts to creating Paid Social posts that generate leads and traffic. Here at Property Webmasters, we understand that every client has their own requirements and goals that’s why we have a tailored, flexible and personal approach that ensures we generate leads.

What is Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents?

Social media marketing for estate agents is both the present and future of digital marketing. With the constant increase in technology, there is ever-increasing potential to connect with audiences and clients from all around the world. We have a large variety of services available that are tailored around your own goals and requirements, from increasing traffic to your website to devising more leads.

Social media marketing is something that can not be ignored anymore, as a result of the change in people’s everyday life and how it has the potential to transform your business. Imagine generating over 1000 website visits from interested audiences for just €50 or generating leads for less than €5 each, this is all possible with a successful social media marketing techniques.


How Social Media Marketing Can Help Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents isn’t about bombarding your audiences with images of properties after properties, but by using the correct techniques and tools there are ways of creating content that engages your audiences, promote your businesses and generate leads. By using the right techniques, Social Media Marketing can improve your customer loyalty and create a wider awareness of your brand through regular social posts and content.

By using our tried and tested techniques we not only drive traffic to your website but we increase the number of people engaging and viewing your content. We can also demographically target anywhere in the world to deliver your brand’s message, services and properties which allows you to engage with a wider audience allowing you to create a strong relationship with clients.

Some popular methods that work well for estate agencies are:
Facebook & Instagram Ads | Retargeting Ads | Carousel Ads | Regular Organic Social Posts

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Let’s talk generating and converting leads!

We are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you.
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